The Ceremony?

When you are planning your special occasion, there are many decisions to be made including how the ceremony will unfold. I will tailor your ceremony to exactly how you would like it. It's your wedding - it's your ceremony!

When planning your own wedding ceremony you can include some or all of the following... and don't forget, you can also incorporate music into your ceremony at a number of stages.

An Introduction

Welcome to the wedding party the family and friends.

You the Couple

A light or romantic history of your relationship as it has developed.


By some of your family or friends (or I can do it).

The Authorisation

A formal requirement under the Marriage Act.

Giving Away

Either or both parents or perhaps another special family member or a friend or a group of your choice.

The Asking

A formal part of the ceremony (I take you for my wife/husband, etc).

The Vows

You and your partner make some life-long promises and commitments to one another.

The Rings

An exchange of rings with appropriate sayings by you and your partner.


Again by any of your family or friends (or I can do it).


You may like to include the Lighting of a Unity Candle, Hand Fasting, Breaking of Glass, Ring Warming, and others.


Declarations, signing and witnessing of the certificates and register.


Presentation of the married couple to the assembled family and guests.